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Black Box Thinking knjiga je koju sam pročitao prije godinu dana i koja me motivirala da ponovo počnem intenzivno čitati. Autor je Matthew Syed. Autor i ove knjige. Obzirom koliko me Black Box Thinking oduševila, velika očekivanja su bila za ovu knjigu. I nije razočarala.

I Range i Rebel Ideas za temelj kreativnosti i produktivnosti na prvo mjesto stavljaju – raznolikost. Diversity. Pojam Diversity poprilično je aktualna tema u medijima. Međutim, raznolikost radi raznolikosti ne pridonosi organizaciji. Stvaranje raznolikosti samo radi spola, boje kože ili vjerskih uvjerenja ne stvara ništa produktivnije i kreativnije okruženje. I to je činjenica. Raznolikost, primjerice u edukaciji ili prethodnom iskustvu je raznolikost koja čini razliku. Raznolikost koja kreira iznimne – i nadasve neočekivane – rezultate. Raznolikost koja je iza Rebel Ideas.

Knjiga je prepuna primjera iz svih aspekata života, povijesnih događaja, organizacija koje nisu postigle očekivane ciljeve zbog nedostatka raznolikosti. Fantastično štivo.

Collective Blindness

“This is a book about diversity, about the power of bringing people together who think differently from one another”

“Groups that contain diverse views have a huge, often decisive, advantage”

“We have to see things before we can make sense of them”

“Teams that are diverse in personal experiences tend to have a richer, more nuanced understanding of their fellow beings”

“When you’re surrounded by similar people, you are not just likely to share each other’s blind spots, but to reinforce them”

Rebels Versus Clones

“A group of wise individuals would almost certainly become an unwise board”

“When smart people from a singular background are placed into a decision-making group, they are liable to become collectively blind”

“Groups have an inbuild tendency to become clone-like”

“We need to address cognitive diversity before tackling our toughest challenges”

“Group wisdom emerges whenever information is dispensed among different minds”

Constructive Dissent

“For diversity to work it’s magic, different perspectives and judgements must be expressed. It is no good having useful information that never gets aired”

“The knowledge guarded by the group when the senior manager is taken out of the project is more than compensated by the additional knowledge expressed by the team in his absence”

“No amount of commitment can drive effective decision-making in a situation of complexity when diverse perspectives are suppressed; when critical information isn’t flowing through the social network”

“Crowds are not always nice. They can become dangerously clone-like”

“Groups typically need a leader, otherwise there is a risk of conflict and indecision”

“Remember that dominant individuals are mimicked out of fear. Prestigious individuals, on the other hand, are followed out of freely bestowed respect. They are role models”


“Recombination is about cross-polination, reaching across the problem space, bringing together ideas that have never been connected before”

“Recombination is the leitmotiv of digital innovation”

“Stepping outside the walls, however, permits a new vantage point. We don’t have new information, we have a new perspective”

“Ideas can easily spill over when people are connected with one other”

“The severance in the network structure put literal constraints on innovation”

“If you want to have cool technology, it is better to be social then smart”

“The more people retreated into their silos, the more they perceived new ideas not as opportunities but as threats”

Beyond Average

“To put it another way, averaging diverse predictions is a way of exploiting diversity. Standardising the way people work, or learn, or whatever else, risks squashing diversity”

“When instructions are too rigid, everyone suffers”

“To put it another way, best practice cannot be established by comparing standard solutions; it also requires the comparison of different kinds of flexibility”

“Lean spaces may work on an assembly line with regimented tasks, but not for cognitive or creative tasks”

“The uplift of productivity can be divided into two components. The first is the autonomy element. People were choosing rather being directed to. But the second element was shaped not by the act of choosing, but by the power of personalization. They could design spaces that they liked. They could mould the space to their own characteristics”

The Big Picture

“Diversity, in a real sense, is the hidden engine of humanity”

“Innovation is about interplay between individuals and the networks they inhabit”

“Diversity is not merely the ingredient that drives the collective intelligence of human groups, it is also the hidden ingredient that has driven the unique evolutionary pathway of our species”

“Dismantling unconscious bias, then, is not just a powerful first step in creating a fairer system; it is also a first step in creating a more collectively intelligent society”

“Another way that cutting edge companies are harnessing diversity is through the use of shadow boards”

“Successful collaboration requires a particular attitude. One has to be willing to offer one’s insight to others; to share one’s perspective; to impart one’s wisdom”

“It also shows that the most successful givers are strategic, seeking meaningful diversity, and cutting off collaborations if they are being exploited”

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