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Smart Growth je kontinuirano učenje. Kontinuirano ponavljanje S Curve of Learning. Knjiga kroz 3 faze S Curve of Learning daje savjete, doduše dosta općenite, što raditi u svakoj od faza:

  • Launch Point
  • Sweet Spot
  • Mastery

Launch point je prva faza učenja i rasta. Faza u kojoj skupljamo informacije. Učimo, površno, o smjeru u koji se upuštamo. Početak, tj. prikupljanje informacija, važan je korak da percipiramo je li to uopće smjer kojim želimo nastaviti. Svaki početak je težak te je stoga ova faza prepuna straha, nesigurnosti i sumnje.

Druga faza je tren kada smo svladali dovoljno da se osjećamo sigurni i kompetentni. Vladamo materijom. Ali još uvijek ima prostora za napredak. Tzv. Goldilocks zone. Nije prelagano da nam je dosadno a dovoljno je teško da je i dalje zanimljivo.

Treća faza – mastery – je vrhunac. Postignuće. Faza kada uživamo u uspjehu. Ali vrlo lako dovede do dosade. Zato je bitno u ovoj fazi krenuti tražiti nove izazove. Novi S Curve.

Knjiga se zove “Smart Growth – How to Grow Your People to Grow Your Company”. Vrlo malo, se odnosi na naslov knjige. Taj dio me razočarao. Jako. Djeluje kao da je prerađena knjiga s dodanih par stranica. Ukratko, ništa novo niti revolucionarno. Ništa što bi me motiviralo da ponovo pročitam ovu knjigu. Ima puno kvalitetnijih knjiga na ovu temu.


“To want to grow is human”

“Leadership has nothing to do with titles and organizational charts… It’s about developing people”

Part One – Launch Point

“The explorer phase is when you consider your destination, even if it seems like the destination chose you, as it sometimes does”

“To decide if a stretch of terrain warrants further explorations, here’s a seven point template of questions I suggest Explorers ask:

  1. Is it achievable? Do I believe I can attain it?
  2. Is it easy to test? Is there an easy way to test whether I want to be on this particular S Curve? If I decide to stay on this S Curve, will my initial pace be sustainable?
  3. Is it familiar yet novel? Is the S Curve of learning I’m exploring familiar enough to be navigable, yet novel enough to promote growth?
  4. Does it fit my identity? Is this S Curve of learning compatible with my identity? Is it compatible with how I see myself and how others see me?
  5. Is the reward worth the cost? Is what I will gain sufficient to offset the tangible and emotional costs of scaling this new S Curve?
  6. Does it align with my values? Is this S Curve of learning aligned with my core values?
  7. Is this my why? Do I understand my why in life and do I understand why I would undertake this new S Curve of learning? Do these two why intertwine?”

“Getting smart about growth in this phase [Collecting Data] involves collection both quantitative data found if facts and the qualitative data born of experience”

“Caution is not fear. Caution is data collection, gathering evidence that we are on the right curve”

“Be the person who decides where and how you will invest your most valuable resources: your time and attention”

“But even those S Curves [of learning] that we ultimately discard can contribute to our growth. No learning is ever wasted”

“This part of the launch phase involves recovering your brain’s ability to collect a way a child does: openly, with optimism”

Part Two – Sweet Spot

“We notice pain much more readily than we notice improvement”

“Accelerator is the third phase along your S curve of learning”

“When you’re in the sweet spot, you experience equilibrium: You’re competent and things are getting easier, but no so easy that you’re bored and complacent”

“This stage in your smart growth consists of motivation to grow and the confidence that you can”

“Saying no without nagging regret is essential for all of us if we are going to focus and transform”

“Allow people on your team to struggle; constraints are tools of creation”

Part Three – Mastery

“At the high end of the S Curve, we are in mastery. Ease displaces effort”

“Slow; fast; slow – that is how we grow”

“Emotions create habits”

“Remember to applaud the little victories”

“Perfectionism is the enemy of smart growth for most of us”

“Once you’ve paused to consider what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown, it’s time to celebrate”

“Celebration is the best way to create a positive feeling that wires in new habits”

“Learning is the oxygen of human growth. When learning diminishes, so do we”

“Smart growth means getting off the mountaintop before the universe gives you the nudge, if you can control that timing”

“The sixth stage in your S Curve of learning is Mountaineer: one who embraces the adventure of the climb. As a mountaineer you are dedicated to learning and personal growth”

“Plan your next mountain to climb before you stagnate, fall, or get pushed off the summit of your current S curve”

“In you’re focusing in creating rather than competing, you will always win”

“When we can choose the elements in our ecosystem, particularly the human ones, we should”

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