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Koja je uloga product managera/ownera? Da usmjerava i određuje razvoj produkt za naše klijente. Produkt razvija tim. A razvoj tima prva je i osnovna zadaća product managera/ownera – osnovna je premisa ove knjige.

Slijedeća bitna premisa je davanje autonomije timu kako bi razvijao produkt. Autonomije u smislu da tim ima zadatak riješiti zadani problem umjesto zadane liste funkcionalnosti. Taj lajtmotiv provlači se kroz cijelu knjigu. Čak bih rekao, da su autori i malo pretjerali u ponavljanju tog koncepta.

Velik dio savjeta primjenjiv je i van produktno orijentirane organizacije. Savjeti su univerzalni i nisu novi. Međutim, ne šteti podsjetiti se. Isplativo štivo za pročitati za sve product managere/ownere, iako bi moglo biti i 30% kraće obzirom koliko se autori ponavljaju kroz knjigu.


Part I – Lessons from top tech companies

“In contrast, in strong product companies, technology is not an expense, it is the business”

“As such, in strong product companies, the purpose of the product team is to serve the customers by creating products customers love, yet work for the business”

“In contrast, in strong product companies, teams are instead given problems to solve, rather than features to build, and most important, they are empowered to solve those problems in the best way they see fit”

“The purpose of the strong leadership is to inspire and motivate the organization”

“The product vision describes the future we are trying to create and, most important, how it improves the lives of our customers”

“The product strategy describes how we plan to accomplish the product vision, while meeting the needs of the business as we go”

“If you want to have truly empowered product teams, then your success depends very directly on these first-level people managers”

Part II – Coaching

“Coaching is what turns ordinary people into extraordinary product teams”

“It’s through pushing through discomfort that people overcome their fears and realize what they’re truly capable of”

“The primary purpose of the 1:1 is to help the product person develop and improve”

“Also know as tough love or radical candor, honest, constructive feedback is the main source of value you provide as manager”

“I was told that, as a product manager, to think like an owner meant I needed to feel a real obligation and responsibility to my customers, my product team, my stakeholders, and my company’s investors”

“If I had to boil it all down, I’d say that thinking like an owner versus thinking like an employee is primarily about taking responsibility for the outcome rather than just the activities”

“Integrity begins with impressing upon the product person how her word and her commitment need to be taken very seriously”

“Accountability for a product manager of an empowered product team means a willingness to take responsibility for mistakes”

“Again, if you truly care about happiness of your people, you know your actions speak louder than your words”

Part III – Staffing

“One of the unintended and damaging consequences of hiring people like us it that they too often think like us”

“It’s essential that recruiting be a proactive and consistent activity for every manager”

“Discovery in general and innovation in particular, depends on the concept of psychological safety”

“That said, it is absolutely critical that the hiring manager understands that the annual performance review should never be the primary feedback tool”

Part IV – Product vision and principles

“An inspiring and compelling product vision serves so many critical purposes that it is hard to think of a more important or higher level product artifact”

“The product vision is one of our primary tools for keeping the organization truly focused on what the customer cares about”

“The product vision, done well, serves as the North Star for the product organization”

“The product vision describes the future you are trying to create. In what ways you will improve the lives of your customer”

“Remember that customers don’t care about our technology – they care about how well we solve their problems”

“A product architecture informed by vision becomes especially critical in organizations suffering from serious technological debt

Part V – Team topology

“These [empowerment enabled team choices] include giving teams real ownership of the space of problems they will be responsible for, providing autonomy in their ability to deliver solutions to the problems they’re asked to solve, and the alignment with various aspects of the company’s customers, business, and technology”

“Empowerment improves when each product team has something meaningful that they are responsible for”

“Autonomy does mean that when we give teams problems to solve, they have enough control so that they can solve the problem on the best possible way that they see fit”

“The topic of empowerment for platform teams is always a little tricky. That’s because, while the purpose of the experience teams is to solve problems for users and customers, the purpose of a platform team is really to enable experience teams to better solve problems for their customers”

“A key point wat that experience teams are most empowered when they are given as much end-to-end responsibility as possible”

Part VI – Product Strategy

“An effective product strategy is absolutely essential to enabling ordinary people to create extraordinary products, because it focuses and leverages their talents”

“All that’s really required is for a knowledgeable leader to sit down with the relevant product teams, explain the strategic context – and then tell each team which problems you need them to work on, and what business results they should measure”

Part VII – Team objectives

“If the company is still using feature teams, as most unfortunately are, then the OKR technique is going to be cultural mismatch, and almost certainly prove a waste of time and effort”

“The essential point of team objectives is to empower a team by: (a) giving them a problem to solve rather than a feature to build, and (b) ensuring they have the necessary strategic context to understand the why and make good decisions”

“What’s most important about all of these examples [objectives set to a team] is that they are problems to solve and not features to build

“While the objective is the problem to solve, the key result tell us how we define success”

“And it’s essential that we define success by business results (aka outcome) and not simply activity or output”

“Product teams are given space and time to come up with the solutions to the problems they are assigned, but with that empowerment comes responsibility and accountability”

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