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Možda zato što sam pročitao Never Be Lied to Again pa mi se ova knjiga čini kao višak jer se dobar dio ponavlja u ovoj knjizi. Također, sve skupa mi se činilo kao niz nabacanih natuknica u velik broj nepovezanih poglavlja. Bez ikakvog logičnog niza i toka kroz knjigu.

Savjeti i taktike iz knjige bi vam trebali pomoći u stvaranju “izvršne moći”. Ima dobrih savjeta ali nikako ne vidim da knjiga nudi to što promovira naslovom. Savjete sam stavio u sažetak i ne vjerujem da ću ikada ponoviti čitanje ove knjige.

Executive Power



“Executive Power arms you with effective, fast-working techniques that shows you, step by step, specific, carefully formulated tactics that can be applied to any situation”

The Psychological Strategy to Gain Ironclad Loyalty

“To turn outsider into an insider, you need to do two things. The first is to give him information that few people have, so he feels elite and special. The second is to give him some degree of power and authority within your organization or team”

“You can develop an ardent sense of loyalty by being known as someone who does what is right, even when an easier course of action is apparent and readily available”

“When we take that initial small step in one direction, we are motivated to maintain a sense of consistency to greater request and additional investments along the same line”

“If you want your employees to be loyal to you, you must be loyal to them”

Super Spin Control

“Act quickly and decisively. If you know your company is about to get unwanted attention, go public with the story first”

“If your company made a mistake, admit it up front – with as little legalese as possible”

“Conversely, if you make all of the news yourself, quickly and upfront, there is nothing left for anyone to add, and the story fizzles out”

Spin Control When It’s Personal

“These studies and many more like them demonstrate that the best tactic to stop gossip is to go directly to the person who started the rumor and inform her that you are aware of what she is doing”

“The psychological solution, then, is instead of denying or minimalizing the rumor, embrace it, embellish it, and make it even more outrageous than it is”

Turbo-Boost Morale

“People are hungry for opportunities to grow into their jobs. They crave advancement, both in position and stature, and in responsibility and opportunity”

“People want to contribute to a cause they believe in that recognizes the value of their participation”

“When you foster an environment that empowers employees – letting them set their own duties, deadlines, goals, and the like – they take ownership of their own corporate destiny and become more inspired”

“Encourage interaction between employees and find ways to promote camaraderie and a collaborative community”

“Employees want and need managers who care about their lives beyond the workplace”

“Conversely, employees whose job is more creative and complex will be happier and more productive when given freedom to choose their assignments and with salary not directly tied into performance”

Collect Money Owed

“Inserting one degree of distance between your collection efforts and your personal relationship with the debtor helps preserve a pliable, amicable relationship, which sets the table for successful negotiation and ultimately successful resolution”

“Load your language with words designed to trigger and emotional response”

“Never express contempt. If you express disrespect, you’ve just quashed any hope of reasonable negotiation”

Turn a Saboteur Into Your Greatest Ally

“Here’s the general rule: If a person dislikes you without good reason, it’s not that he doesn’t like you. It’s that he doesn’t like himself very much”

“This is called reciprocal affection, which simply means that we’re inclined to like, admire, and respect someone once we find out that they like, admire and respect us”

“If you learn that your saboteur has made a mistake, reassure her that such mistakes can happen to anyone, and tell her se shouldn’t be so hard on herself”

“Giving you undivided attention to someone is a sign of respect”

“When you speak with him, mentally focus on his positive traits, and he will sense that you like him – and, in turn, he will like you”

How to Painlessly Criticize The Highly Sensitive Employee

“When you deal with others, keep in mind that the ego is the pivotal criterion; it is the only part of us that really gets injured”

“Without making a big deal about it, let him know you are saying this because you care – you care about him and you relationship”

“Always criticize in private”

“First, emphasize her many good qualities and remarkable potential, which paves the way for a critical message to be well received”

“Criticize the act not the person”

“Don’t assure or insinuate that his behavior is something that he’s doing knowingly, consciously, or deliberately”

“Offer the solution. If there is no answer, that you should have never brough it up in the first place, because it serves no purpose”

“Speaking softly and kindly will help you message be digested in the manner you intend”

How to Spot a Blu a Mile Away

“If a person reacts too quicky and seemingly confidently, he may be trying too hard to prove that he’s confident, which almost inevitably means he really isn’t”

“If you know what to look for, confidence (and the lack thereof) is easy to detect. Simply observe whether the person is focused on himself and what his hands and body are doing”

Master the Art of Charisma

“When you or those around you think a job is beneath you, do it anyway. This shows the people around you that you are a person of the people who is willing to make sacrifices for the greater good”

“Nothing brings out awe like someone admitting he was wrong. If you have made a mistake, publicly acknowledge it and give credit to the person who was right”

“This one also falls into the don’t pretend you know everything category. If you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t make up an answer”

“Treat everyone with respect, and that means even people you don’t need anything from or can’t do anything for you”

“When you make a mistake, smile ar yourself. Don’t try to ignore it or pretend it didn’t happen”

“If people are gossiping, walk away. Taking in gossip just makes you look, well, cheap”

Instantly Resolve any Personal Conflict

“You can make peace very easily and effectively by telling each person how much the other person really respects the way he does or did something”

“For garden-variety issues, a supervisor can bring both individuals into her office and speak to them to find out the source of conflict and how to resolve it in a fair and timely fashion”

The Effortless Way To Make Difficult Changes

“When we choose to do something, we are unconsciously drive to like it more”

“To capitalize on this function of human behavior, investigate ways to get employees to sign up for the new position or opportunity”

“Davise a quantifiable way to measure progress, so that his focus is directed toward producing a positive outcome rather than on the situation itself”

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