Does Windows Phone Stand a Chance?

Windows Phone
Windows Phone

October 6th just might be a turning point for Windows Mobile. Just a few weeks are separating us from what will be known as a Windows Phone. What is a Windows Phone? It is mobile phone (Pocket PC with a mobile phone really – touchsreen SmartPhone? :) ) running Windows Mobile 6.5. Does it make a bit more sense? It does, Windows phone is trying to become a brand in times when brand and design is everything.

But, for me, Windows phone is just not as “ear catching” as iPhone or BlackBerry. And most likely (I hope I’m wrong!) will never become as popular term as iPhone or BlackBerry. I just can’t imagine telling someone I have “Windows phone”. Maybe I have been using it too long, so it might be difficult for me just to reject terms like “PocketPC” or “SmartPhone”.

Another thing that is troubling me it that Windows Mobile 6.5 looks like a half-finished product with somewhere between 6.1 and 7. Like a Windows Mobile 7 theme is applied to 6.1, nothing more, nothing less. And still it doesn’t have that finger-friendliness or that WOW design that sold iPhone like it’s free. Tried almost all of beta builds on my Kaiser but I keep reverting to 6.1

One thing that could be Windows Mobile’s saviour is enormous amount of available applications which surely will be gathered in Windows Mobile Marketplace and the fact that application development is in developers familiar environment. Time will tell…

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