Does Windows Phone Stand a Chance?

October 6th just might be a turning point for Windows Mobile. Just a few weeks are separating us from what will be known as a Windows Phone. What is a Windows Phone? It is mobile phone (Pocket PC with a mobile phone really – touchsreen SmartPhone? :) ) running Windows Mobile 6.5. Does it make […]

SQLCE Insert Multiple Values

If you are a newbie at Windows Mobile development and you need to create an application which is using SQLCE database, you might have bumped into this problem. Inserting multiple records into SQLCE database is quite different from doing the same thing on full blown SQL Server. If you are like me, a developer who […]

Celullar Emulator + Huawei UMTS modem = BSoD

Ever tried developing Windows Mobile application with Cellular emulator and using Huawei USB UMTS modem? Didn’t? Lucky you… This year before going to my vacation I decided it is about time I get my self one of those USB UMTS modems so I can be on-line wherever and whenever. Just before going to my vacation […]

Mobility Day 2009

After four WinDays and one SecurityDays it was about time to spend some quality time with Windows Mobile developers on second Mobility Day conference. Well, it wasn’t second, few were held and there was a brief pause and Mobility Day was born again :) With 3 tracks (DEV, ITPro and Business) which contained 6 lectures […]

Connection timeout isn’t working…

A strange thing happened a few days ago. Spent more than three hours trying to fix this damned thing… Some time ago I have developed an application (SMSCentar was it’s name, iya, iya, oooo :) :) ) that it’s soul purpose was to automatically send and receive SMS messages via mobile phone connected to PC. […]