Modelling of System for Transport and Traffic Information Management in Republic of Croatia

The traffic system is expected to provide faster, safer, more reliable, more comfortable and less expensive movement with enabling of maximal personal mobility. One of the necessary preconditions to realize these expectations is the real-time information of all those participating in the traffic processes with all the relevant data. Consequently, it is necessary to design and construct a traffic system that will, with the application of advanced information communication technologies (ICT), insure the backbone that will integrate the users’ services based on the principles of intelligent transport systems (ITS), in order to be able to provide the system users with reliable, precise and timely information necessary for a more efficient realization of the transport process.

With the application of modern ICT, the system for traffic information management collects, performs the adaptation process, fusion and processing (verification and addition of weights to each collected information) and carries out the distribution to all the interested users. Thus, new services may be offered that directly contribute to the improvement of traffic system quality by improving the change of space – time (s, t) coordinates (Figure 1) of the transported entity which is transported or transferred in adequate transport entity and moves with it along the transport network, with better efficiency of the consumed energy and less polluted environment.

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