The Impact of Introducing e-Learning System in the Teaching Process at the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Sciences

Abstract: The development of technology has brought to additional improvement in the quality of education by using the e-learning technology. Following the advanced trends of improving the teaching processes the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Sciences started several years ago the development of own e-Learning system modules. The paper presents the phases of the system realization. Special attention has been paid to the analysis of time-independent learning by the students and the work of the teaching staff members using the system. The obtained results indicate an increase in the number of users and their satisfaction in using the system thus saving time and allowing easier and more efficient access to information.

Published in: Proceedings of 17th INTERNATIONAL DAAAM SYMPOSIUM

Authors: Zvonko Kavran, Dragan Peraković, Vladimir Remenar

Keywords: Internet, web, study, e-Learning

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