Study of Implementing Available Security Controls of Wireless Computer Networks

Abstract: This article will present an analysis of security levels of wireless home networks based on IEEE 802.11 standard. The analysis of security implementation will be done on the basis of activated security checks available to end users in order to protect their own wireless system to the full. The analysis will encompass average users as regards to their knowledge of network communication systems and implemented security checks. The end result, i.e. a realistic picture of the way end users think about wireless computer network security, which in turn will have an impact on science and society in general, will enhance the awareness of possible ways wireless networks can be abused.

Keywords: wireless, wlan, wi-fi, security

Authors: Dragan Perakoivć, Davor Janić, Vladimir Remenar

Conference: ZIRP 2012

Download: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=2 linktext=’Study Of Implementing Available Security Controls Of Wireless Computer Networks’ /]

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