Reminder Based on the User’s Location

Abstract: The sense of technology and its future development has been primarily led by the idea of finding ways in which to make life for people easier. Simplicity, practicality and functionality represent characteristics of good products. Mobile information and communication technology determines the society and behaviours since it represents an element of individual quality and a way of communicating and doing business. The potential provided by hardware can be fully used only by adapting to the users’ requirements by improving the software side. Today’s development of the information and communication technology has to be created with the focus on the humans and with technology transparent for the user.

Regarding the mobile information and communication technology, the problem has traditionally been that the mobile applications focused too much on the technology, which means that applications had been developed for certain purposes or for special technologies. The new standpoint has been led by the idea that the application has to provide the users with what they want, anywhere they want it and in the best possible way. The user has to be able to employ the mobile device and software based on the installed applications in different environments and independent of the environment.

Developing an application that may make everyday life easier is a sufficient motive to turn an idea into reality. The topical feature of the application development technology for mobile devices called for an idea that would take into consideration the users’ requirements and satisfy them by providing a simple solution for their everyday life. This idea is a reminder based on the user’s location.

Keywords: LBS, location, reminder

Authors: Dragan Peraković, Vladimir Remenar, Siniša Husnjak

Conference:  14th International Conference on Transport Science – ICTS 2011 

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