Netokracija: Realigned

Netokracija is relatively young Croatian portal dealing with subjects of Internet technology, business and culture in general. It has been started by Ivan Brezak Brkan and he has managed to gather some of the most influential Croatian Internet experts on one place to write about design, UX, SEO, social media and so on.
The design of Netokracija is very good with nice set of colours and design elements, but in some elements it’s inconsistent and missing some of the basic usability guidelines.

Hacking websites: The Series

This is the beginning of the “Hacking websites” series which will try to explain why sites are hacked, how they are hacked and how to protect your website(s) from being hacked and broken. Motivated with rather discouraging results form Breach and WhiteHat security statistics reports I decided to start these series which will, hopefully, educate readers enough to protect their websites from top 10 vulnerability classes.