Usability Testing: Eye Tracking and Control

Usability testing is becoming an important participant in designing and developing web sites and application. Good usability can save a company thousands of dollars either in customer satisfaction, reduced time for company employed in performing everyday tasks and so on. Most of the usability testing today is performed using a combination of screen sharing software, screen capture software, voice recording software to capture what the participant is doing and thinking (think aloud) while using the application which is being tested. But, does a participant move a mouse where his eyes are looking? Most of the time no! This is where Tobii Eye Tracking and Control solutions help to realize what is user looking at and how long is the user looking at something.

Netokracija: Realigned

Netokracija is relatively young Croatian portal dealing with subjects of Internet technology, business and culture in general. It has been started by Ivan Brezak Brkan and he has managed to gather some of the most influential Croatian Internet experts on one place to write about design, UX, SEO, social media and so on.
The design of Netokracija is very good with nice set of colours and design elements, but in some elements it’s inconsistent and missing some of the basic usability guidelines.

Web design books every designer should read

There are so many design books available that it’s a nightmare to chose the right one. From general design, CSS, colours to user experience books it’s really hard to keep up with all the new books being printed every day. Here are my favourites for which I believe every web designer should have in their collection. The Smashing Book […]