Possibility of applying fuzzy logic in the e-Learning system

A four year application with sustainable development of the Faculty of Traffic and Transport sciences’ e – Learning system resulted in the possibility of applying the afore mentioned in various processes, which appear in the education of the Traffic and Transport Sciences’ technologists, based on Bologna System and previously used higher education processes. Almost 10, 000 term paper themes have been turned in using the module which monitors the development of term papers. In order to provide a sustainable monitoring of the development of the term paper and to avoid plagiarism, searching through term paper themes has to be of the highest quality which is extremely complicated and demanding. Methods that have been used so far have given either incomplete or incorrect results, especially in the cases of typing in an incorrect concept. Searching demands usage of the fuzzy logic. Even though there is a vast number of fuzzy logic algorithms, none of them are adapted to Slavic languages or terms which have diacritical marks. A special methodology for searching through the Faculty of Traffic and Transport sciences’ e – Learning system has been developed. Based on this methodology a searching algorithm which uses one’ s own created word database has been implemented.