Hi! My name is Vladimir Remenar...

Vladimir Remenar ...and I am an assistant teacher at Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia. I'm currently teaching students about mobile terminal equipment, information systems and securing information and communication systems (mostly web based information systems). I reeeeaaaally do enjoy developing and designing web sites. And did I mention, I like to break web sites :)

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Suvremeni informacijsko komunikacijski sustavi za usmjeravanje prometnih entiteta

Primjena suvremenih informacijsko komunikacijskih sustava, poput Cloud Computing platforme, u svrhu pružanja usluge usmjeravanja prometnih entiteta u stalnom je razvoju. Danas je dostupno tek nekolicina komercijalnih usluga koje su slabo primjenjive u svakodnevnoj uporabi. U svrhu usmjeravanja još uvijek se pretežno koriste samostalni navigacijski uređaji. Rad daje pregled razvoja i primjene suvremenih informacijsko komunikacijskih sustava i usluga primjenjivih za usmjeravanje prometnih entiteta. Uz navedeno, u radu je dana komparativna analiza primjene trenutno dostupnih Cloud Computing baziranih usluga za usmjeravanje prometnih entiteta. Provedeno istraživanje temelje je za daljnju analizu mogućnosti primjene XaaS modela te novih vrijednosnih lanaca u isporuci usluga usmjeravanja prometnih entiteta.

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Designing Secure Information and Communication Infrastructure of Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences

With the development of information and communication systems various methods and tools to attack them are being developed. Initially the attacks where performed for individual proof and the desire to learn, but the rise in popularity of Internet and the value of information that this medium transmit target attacks become financial benefit or even war activities. The purpose of this study is to determine the current state of information and communication systems of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, define its security vulnerabilities or weaknesses, and based on its findings recommended solutions that will improve the level of safety and reliability of the system by applying the known methods and means of protection.

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Research of Security Threats in the Use of Modern Terminal Devices

Modern mobile terminal devices are multi-functional terminal devices with options such as: Internet access, using of applications, e-mail communication, messaging, data storage and using of multimedia files. The value of such data is often invaluable and vulnerability is often very high. Given the high use of smartphones and a variety of operating systems that they use (iOS, Android, Windows Phone …), the logical is the fact that these devices are frequent targets of malicious attacks. Research of this paper will focus on defining forms of security threats and possible attacks on smartphones and a brief description of possibilities for protecting smartphones. There will be displayed features of operating systems and specified the security aspects and specifics which carry some of the modern operating systems of mobile terminal devices.


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Dobili ste dijete? Čeka Vas sređivanje papirologije :)

Novorođenče ste doveli doma, presretni ste ali čeka Vas dosadan posao sređivanja papirologije. Što očekivati? Ukratko: matični ured, MUP, Gradski ured za zdravstvo i branitelje, tvrtka roditelja, HZZO i Porezna uprava. Ako nemate popis dokumenata koji Vam treba obavljanje navedenog moglo bi biti mukotrpno. Zato pišem ovaj blog post u nadi da ću pomoći sadašnjim i budućim roditeljima. Popis sam dobio od prijateljice koja je taj popis dobila od prijateljice. Popis je iz 2010 godine i neke stvari su promijenjene ali u ovom blog postu će sve biti s datumom ovog blog posta. Uz redoslijed kada i što obaviti priložiti ću i potrebne formulare koje je potrebno ispuniti. Uvijek provjerite na stranicama ustanove da li su formulari izmijenjeni kako bi izbjegli nepotreban put. Jedini formular koji je potrebno kupiti i ispuniti je Tiskanica 3 koji možete kupiti u Narodnim novinama.

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Study of Implementing Available Security Controls of Wireless Computer Networks

This article will present an analysis of security levels of wireless home networks based on IEEE 802.11 standard. The analysis of security implementation will be done on the basis of activated security checks available to end users in order to protect their own wireless system to the full. The analysis will encompass average users as regards to their knowledge of network communication systems and implemented security checks. The end result, i.e. a realistic picture of the way end users think about wireless computer network security, which in turn will have an impact on science and society in general, will enhance the awareness of possible ways wireless networks can be abused.

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Guidelines for Developing e-Learning System for Visually Impaired

According to the last “People with Disabilities Report” (cro. Izvješće o osobama s invaliditetom) in Republic of Croatia lives 529 103 persons with disability which is more than 10 % of total population. There is 18 317 persons with impaired vision (blind and visually impaired). Compared to previous years this number has increased by 2044 people. According to estimates 10%, with a tendency to increase, of blind people is using the Internet. Estimates are based on documents and reports that are currently derived from the project “Communication Rod to Independence” (cro. Komunikacijskom štapom do neovisnosti). This paper will discuss described definitions and standards that will be im-plemented in learning management system (LMS) as a module for visually im-paired. LMS developed at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences has been in use since 2004. System is composed of five modules: Document Management System (DMS), The Authorization and Supervision System (cro. Sustav Autorizacije i Nadzora; SAN), students module e-Student, SMS module SMSCentar and mobile learning module FPZMobile.

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Mendeley & Citation Style Language

Mendeley & Citation Style Language

As I continued to write my Ph.D. thesis I found it very hard to organize and find literature that was on my hard drive I needed at that moment. The problem has always existed but now it has escalated because I currently have more than 150 different papers that needed to be organized, categorized and searchable. After digging around […]

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Modelling of System for Transport and Traffic Information Management in Republic of Croatia

The traffic system is expected to provide faster, safer, more reliable, more comfortable and less expensive movement with enabling of maximal personal mobility. One of the necessary preconditions to realize these expectations is the real-time information of all those participating in the traffic processes with all the relevant data. Consequently, it is necessary to design and construct a traffic system that will, with the application of advanced information communication technologies (ICT), insure the backbone that will integrate the users’ services based on the principles of intelligent transport systems (ITS), in order to be able to provide the system users with reliable, precise and timely information necessary for a more efficient realization of the transport process.

With the application of modern ICT, the system for traffic information management collects, performs the adaptation process, fusion and processing (verification and addition of weights to each collected information) and carries out the distribution to all the interested users. Thus, new services may be offered that directly contribute to the improvement of traffic system quality by improving the change of space – time (s, t) coordinates (Figure 1) of the transported entity which is transported or transferred in adequate transport entity and moves with it along the transport network, with better efficiency of the consumed energy and less polluted environment.

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Reminder Based on the User’s Location

The sense of technology and its future development has been primarily led by the idea of finding ways in which to make life for people easier. Simplicity, practicality and functionality represent characteristics of good products. Mobile information and communication technology determines the society and behaviours since it represents an element of individual quality and a way of communicating and doing business. The potential provided by hardware can be fully used only by adapting to the users’ requirements by improving the software side. Today’s development of the information and communication technology has to be created with the focus on the humans and with technology transparent for the user.
Regarding the mobile information and communication technology, the problem has traditionally been that the mobile applications focused too much on the technology, which means that applications had been developed for certain purposes or for special technologies. The new standpoint has been led by the idea that the application has to provide the users with what they want, anywhere they want it and in the best possible way. The user has to be able to employ the mobile device and software based on the installed applications in different environments and independent of the environment.
Developing an application that may make everyday life easier is a sufficient motive to turn an idea into reality. The topical feature of the application development technology for mobile devices called for an idea that would take into consideration the users’ requirements and satisfy them by providing a simple solution for their everyday life. This idea is a reminder based on the user’s location.

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XaaS Services as Modern Infrastructure of e-Goverment in the Republic of Croatia

The paper gives an overview of the impact of significant changes within the ICT sector and the ability to deploy new services in the e-business. The emphasis of research on the analysis of features, and effects of new innovative services ICSP’s in Croatia, based on XaaS paradigm, the function of implementing the necessary e-communications infrastructure and services for good governance, development and competitiveness of the Republic of Croatia.